Europe's sexiest industry launches “Why Portugal?”

After two years of bad memory, with exports falling 5.7 percent in 2019 – to around 1.8 billion euros -, after having already decreased 3 percent in the previous year, which followed a decade of strong growth, the Portuguese footwear industry wants to grow again, having guaranteed a strong participation in the largest world fair in the sector, which starts next Sunday in Milan.

On the eve of the start of the Micam event, the national association of this industry (APICCAPS) has just launched the “Why Portugal?” Campaign.
Included in the international communication offensive video of the Portuguese footwear industry, the video presents five reasons why international customers choose Portugal, and the Portuguese industry as a business partner.

First reason: “In Portugal, one of the most reputable footwear clusters in the world is based. Responsiveness, quality and service of choice allow Portugal exports 80 millions of pairs of shoes per year worldwide. “

Portugal” is one of 20 the safest countries in the world to do business “and” the Portuguese industry is constantly evolving and wants to be a leader in developing sustainable responses “are the following two reasons presented in the video.

The country's geostrategic location is also capitalized: “Portugal benefits from a unique geographical location, which allows it to reach central Europe quickly by land, while the vast Atlantic coast favors long-distance commercial operations”, it is announced.

Finally, knowing how to receive: “Portugal is not just an exemplary business partner. The country is distinguished by its hospitality, unique cuisine and extraordinary landscapes. “

The Portuguese footwear industry, which presents itself to the world as” the sexiest industry in Europe “, exports more than 95 percent of its production to 163 countries, on the five continents.

Source: Dispatch Reporting/AICEP