Portugal is now the 12th most innovative country in the European Union

Portugal is now the 12th most innovative country in the European Union, after having climbed six places compared to the previous year. It is the best placement in the country ever.

In 2019 Portugal led the group of "moderately innovative" countries, having risen 6 places this year compared to the position it held in EIS 2016 (18th place) and thus integrates the group from Germany and France. This is the best national position ever in this classification, with a strong convergence with the EU average since 2016.

According to an EIS2020 report, the strengths of the innovation system in Portugal are at the level of the environment for innovation, the attractiveness of the research system and business innovation. Portugal is above the EU average in indicators such as: scientific publications co-authored with authors outside the community; the penetration of broadband in companies; the number of international doctoral students; the registration of community trademarks; expenses with non-technological innovation; the percentage of companies with ICT training; the percentage of SMEs with product / process, marketing / organizational innovation; the percentage of innovative SMEs that collaborate with other SMEs and employment in high-growth companies in innovative sectors.

EIS 2020 - the European Commission's annual publication that aims to measure and monitor the performance of the Member States of the European Union in terms of innovation - also mentions other important dimensions for the innovation process where Portugal is above the EU average, namely in entrepreneurship activities or in the birth of new companies, being in line with the European average in public demand for technologically advanced products and in the necessary procedures for the creation of companies.

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Source: European Commission