Creating a company in the North of Portugal

6. Hiring people

In terms of the admission of workers, the labour contract depends on the duration, schedule and the type of activity, based on a minimum salary defined by law and other existing salary supplements (subsidies).

Which labour contract is most adequate to your needs?**
Very short-term
Duration lower than 15 days
Duration > 6 months, < 2 years***
Schedule shorter than full-time
The employee works outside the workplace using technology
Interim work, for a minimum of 4 consecutive months
Indeterminate Very short-term duration
Duration up to the completion of the Duration lower than 15 days contracted activity
Indefinite duration
Contract outside the scope of the remaining categories


The salaries shown vary depending on the industry
Minimum salary €580
Average salary €846
Holiday + Christmas Pay Compulsory allowances of a value corresponding to the monthly salary in July and December, or paid monthly (twelfths)

Pay supplements

Subsidies are exempt from IRS (income tax) up to a certain limit and typically, they are used as a method of payment
Food allowance €4,77
per day of work

(any greater value is subject to IRS and Social Security)
Other allowances (subsistence allowance) Travel, per diem, accommodation