How to Invest in the North of Portugal

2. Selecting the type of investment

In the North, there are various investment opportunities, with adequate alternatives for different types of investors. The investor may be directly involved in a dynamic corporate community or obtain income by granting funding directly/indirectly to companies in the North, with a good level of income.

How can I invest?

Create a new company

Actual growth rate of the number of companies (North

1. Creating a business plan;
2. Registering the company;
3. Property acquisition;
4. Hiring employees

Acquisition, mergers or joint ventures with existing companies

11,4€m M
Value of buying and selling stock transactions in 2017

1. Identifying potential segments;
2. Developing a list of companies to consider and priorities;
3. Due Diligence;
4. Agreement for acquisition, merger or joint venture


Direct funding

Amount invested in SMEs by business angels in 2014-2017

1. Identifying potential segments;
2. Access platforms to meet partners (online, trade fairs)
​​​3. Due Diligence;
4. Capital funding agreement, other

Investing in Investment Funds

Assets under management in Portugal

1.  Choosing the investment mode (asset or liability);​​​​​
A Asset
     1 Choosing a platform
     2. Identifying priority segments
     3. Due Diligence
     4.. Investing in the company

B Liability:
     1. Selecting a broker
     2. Selecting a fund

Annual amounts for the 2-year rate of return
(seen on 19th October, 2018)

National stock funds



Private platforms